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An online multiplayer experience where "characters" simulate nodes in a distributed network. Based on the communal nature of .io games, players roam a circular map in search of others and work together to write strings of history. explores collective memory through an ecosystem of characters. The project attempts to uncover collaborative forms of history writing by reframing the traditional server/client structure. Instead of a central point serving information to numerous clients,’s structure distributes the role of writing, storing, and disseminating information to every client. depicts ASCII characters in open space inspired by the aesthetics of .io games. When a participant opens the page, they will choose their ASCII character and the character’s colour, or a randomised combination of the two. Once set, the “memory” storing information of their character state is initiated and the character is then placed in an open world where the participant can move it around by dragging their mouse or mobile touchscreen. If they spot another character, they can choose to attach to them - this passes on the memory of their character into the other, relieving them of navigational power and in a way, passing on their history. As multiple characters attach themselves into each other, an amalgamation of these characters will be formed, controlled by the head that contains the collective memories of all the characters attached to it.

A notable difference between an attached character and a head is that once attached, the former can close the browser window and still have their character exist since its memory is latched onto another character. A head, however, wields the responsibility of staying online in order to maintain the collective memory. The choices are then: